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"Stash is a better way to bookmark the web"


"Stash is a great new service that automatically categorizes all the links you save."


Stash from Chrome

Save anything you find on the web with one click. Don't worry about categorizing so you can find it later. Stash uses Machine Learning to automatically categorize for you.

Safari 14 support is currently in Beta and will launch when Safari 14 is publicly launched.

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Stash directly from thousands of iOS apps

On iOS, you can save from any web browser. You can also Stash directly from other apps like Yelp, YouTube, Amazon, and thousands of other apps. Stash will still automatically categorize the content.

Curate and Share using a Collection

Create a collection to curate links related to a certain topic. You can keep a collection private, or make it public and share it using a public URL.

Download for offline

Save articles to read without internet on your iOS device

Push between devices

Handoff a page you are looking at on one device to another

Snooze for later

Set a trigger to go back to a page

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